Our policy at the Shazin Marble and Stone Factory has been high quality as we adopt the policy of importing and producing high quality materials in line with the specifications that suit the local market and all tastes and needs, our focus has been on carefully selecting natural stones from the best quarries around the world. The management system of the factory is the integrated management of the implementation and provision of services through what is stipulated in the legal provisions and the observance and respect of the regulations and regulations governing the quality of the products and regulations stipulated therein. The factory obtained the quality certificate (ISO 9001 quality system: 2015) To ensure the proper and proper management of the integrated system and to apply this policy as required, the factory management considers it important to involve all factory workers in this integrated activity.

The quality policy of the Shazin Marble and Stone Plant is as follows: –

First: Customer relations: –

One of the most important factors linking Shazin Marble Factory to its customers is its adherence to the following fundamentals: –

• Shazin Marble Factory is keen to fully and correctly understand the wishes and needs of customers and turn them into good services that fulfill their wishes and aspirations.

• Shazin Marble & Stone Factory is keen to show sure desire and interact with customers’ requirements and follow the business closely, quickly and accurately achieving customer comfort and maximum quality.

• Shazin Marble and Stone Factory is keen to build strong and honest relationships with customers and develop policies to reduce situations where the customer may be in trouble during the execution of projects.

• Respect and commitment of the Shazin Marble Factory to provide and deliver projects on time with the customer without impairment of quality or timing as agreed with the customer.

• Shazin Marble Factory is keen to evaluate and identify customer satisfaction and satisfaction with the services provided to them. It revisits the notes referred to by the client by studying and reviewing any observation, and identifying any weakness…

Second: Relations with suppliers

regarding Shazin Marble Factory’s relations with suppliers, Shazin Marble & Stone Factory is keen to: –

• Select suppliers with strong and good business reputation with high quality products and full commitment.

• Shazin Marble Factory has established strong ties on a large network of suppliers from most of the world’s quarries, where it has been keen to select honest suppliers with whom it can maintain constant cooperation.

• Shazin Marble and Stone Factory ensures that its marble and natural stone suppliers are responsive to the policies formulated by the factory based on quality, safety and environmental safety.

Third: The participation of workers in the factory

is characterized by the Shazin Marble and Stone Factory with a cadre of highly skilled and accurate employees who possess the skills suited to the factory activity. They are successful partners of the Shazin Marble name.  Shazin Marble Plant always aims to continue preparing and evaluating employees and workers and engaging them virtually at all levels and activities of the factory. In order to achieve these objectives,  Shazin Marble Factory works to: –

• Work to provide all workers in the factory with practical and theoretical means that enable them to contribute to the achievement of the factory’s objectives.

• Engage and encourage all the plant forces to achieve the advantages of activity and improve the delivery of services to meet the wishes of the customers.

• Identify weaknesses to improve quality, environment and safety factors.